Sell My House Fast in Hunstville, Tx

When you decide to sell your house, you have two options: sell your house with an agent, sell your house with a homebuyer. But if you want to sell your house fast it has to be with a homebuyer definitely. We’ll tell you why.

Chris Buys Houses sells your house fast and doesn’t charge you any fee or commission. CONTACT US NOW

Why Sell My House With Chris Buys Houses And Not An Agent?

Selling a house with an agent implies a lot of things that homebuyers actually take care of. Let’s dive into the details below.

    •  Commissions/Fees: If you sell your house with an agent you will pay 6% on average of commissions/fees. With Chris Buys Houses you don’t have to pay any fee or commission. 


  • Closing Costs: When you sell your house with an agent, you pay 2% on average of closing costs. If you sell your house to us, we pay the closing costs.
  • Inspection and Financing Contingency: Up to 15% of sales fall through with an agent. This doesn´t happen with Chris Buys Houses.
  • Appraisal Needed: With an agent, the sale is often subject to appraisal. Chris Buys Houses doesn’t require that because we make cash offers. 
  • Average Days Until Sold: Selling your house with an agent can take about 91 days to complete the sale. If you do it with Chris Buys Houses you get an immediate cash offer. 
  • Number of Showings: The number of showings depends when an agent is selling your house. With Chris Buys Houses there is just one, and it’s us. 
  • Closing Date: With an agent, this can take between 30-60 days approx, after accepting the buyer’s offer. With Chris Buys Houses you choose the closing date.
  • Who Pays For Repairs?: With an agent, this is negotiated during the inspection period. With Chris Buys Houses, you don’t have to pay any repair because we take care of them.


In the end, it has more benefits selling your house with Chris Buys Houses than with an agent. If you’re in Huntsville, TX. and you want to sell your house fast, contact us and get a free offer.